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Maximize your trout fishing experiences in New Zealand with our comprehensive trout lure set, offering unparalleled value and versatility.

Trout Lure Set Contents:

  • 2.5 gram lures (x2): 28 mm, max hook width 6 mm (single hooks) – Ideal for calm, clear waters.
  • 8.0 gram lures (x2): 40 mm, max hook width 8 mm x 3 (treble hooks) – Great for deeper waters.
  • 6.0 gram lures (x2): 41 mm, max hook width 8 mm x 3 (treble hooks) – Versatile for various conditions.
  • 8.8 gram lures (x2): 51 mm, max hook width 9 mm x 3 (treble hooks) – Perfect for windy conditions.
  • 5.5 gram lures (x2): 36 mm, max hook width 7 mm x 3 (treble hooks) – Effective in medium-depth waters.

Each lure in this set is crafted for specific scenarios, ensuring you have the right tool for any fishing situation in New Zealand’s diverse waters. The set also includes a practical 5-section storage box (127 x 60 x 20 mm), keeping your lures organized and ready for action.

Product Highlights:

  1. Lighter lures for smaller trout and vegetation-rich areas.
  2. Heavier lures for casting in lakes and large rivers.
  3. Mid-weight lures for all-around use in varied environments.
  4. Stable and visible lures for choppy water conditions.
  5. Medium-depth lures for aggressive trout during spawning.

Weight includes hook and rings. Length is the length of the lure only with hooks attached.


This trout lure set is essential for anglers in New Zealand, providing a range of lures for different fishing conditions. Whether in serene lakes or flowing rivers, these lures enhance your chances of a successful catch. Adapt to the water’s challenges by choosing the right lure from this expertly designed set.

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