Triangle Frame Bag
for Bikes Suit
17 | 18 | 19″ Frames


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Introducing the Adsports Triangle Frame Bag – a storage solution meticulously designed to maximize the utility of your bicycle’s frame. Built for New Zealand’s outdoor enthusiasts, this bike bag is not just a storage unit; it’s an essential partner for every biking adventure.

The first thing you’ll notice is its triangular design. Perfectly shaped to snugly fit inside the triangle of your bicycle frame, it takes advantage of every inch, offering ample room without hindering your pedal stroke. With a generous width of just 6 cm, rest assured, your cycling motions remain as fluid as ever.

Attachment is a breeze. Four adjustable Velcro loop hook straps ensure the bag remains securely in place, and can be tailored to fit, preventing any distractions while cycling.

Velcro loopp hook straps can be cut down to perfect size

On a day out, you can stow away up to six 350 ml water bottles or gear equivalent to approximately 2.1 liters. That’s an impressive capacity suitable for most day trips across the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.


Large capacity frame bag

Never compromise on accessibility. The bag’s dual zipper facilitates swift access, particularly when you need that phone or pair of sunglasses in a jiffy. For items you reach for frequently, two internal pockets at the top have you covered.

Made with the New Zealand weather in mind, the bag sports waterproof 210D Polyester and TPU fabric, coupled with water-resistant zippers. Whether you’re cycling under a drizzle or amidst heavy rainfall, your gear remains predominantly dry. However, for those sensitive electronics, it’s recommended to take an extra layer of protection.

waterproof zipper on bike frame bag

Boasting two main compartments, it effortlessly houses both large and small items. For those tiny essentials, an internal mesh double pocket keeps them organized and easily accessible. Internal mesh net pockets

Adsports Triangle Frame Bag Specifications

  • Brand: Adsports
  • Model Number: NBXLFB
  • Suitable for: 17, 18 or 19″ bike frames
  • Material: High-grade 210D Polyester and TPU fabric
  • Special Features: Anti-wear and water resistance
  • Capacity: Approximately 2.1 Liters
  • Dimensions: 40 (length across top frame) x 30 (vertical height) x 6 (width) cm

Experience the perfect blend of design, functionality, and durability. Gear up for your next New Zealand trail with the Adsports Triangle Frame Bag.

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