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Out tent footprints are essential protection for the floor of your tent. A Footprint of tarp will not only keep the underside of your tent clean and dry it will also protect it from stones and twigs.

Some reasons why you should use a tent footprint:

  • Protection from abrasion: The bottom of your tent is constantly exposed to the elements, and even the slightest abrasion can eventually wear through the fabric. A tent footprint provides an extra layer of protection, helping to extend the life of your tent.
  • Protection from moisture: A tent footprint can also help to keep your tent dry. If you are camping on wet ground, the footprint will help to prevent moisture from seeping up through the bottom of the tent. This can help to keep your sleeping bags and gear dry, and it can also help to prevent condensation from forming inside the tent.
  • Added warmth: A tent footprint can also help to add warmth to your tent. The extra layer of insulation can help to trap heat inside the tent, making it more comfortable to sleep in.
  • Ease of pitching: A tent footprint can also make it easier to pitch your tent. The footprint provides a clear outline of where to place the tent, and it can also help to prevent the tent from shifting during windy conditions.

If you are serious about camping, then a tent footprint is an essential piece of gear. It is a small investment that can help to protect your tent and keep you comfortable during your camping trips.

Tent Footprints Specifications

  • Fabric type: 210T Oxford cloth.
  • Waterproof rating: PU 3000mm.
  • Colour: Grey.
  • Sizes and weight: 210 x 200 cm (390 grams), 210 x 150 cm (275 grams).
  • 200 x 210cm packed size: Approximately 14 x 7 cm.
  • 150 x 210cm packed size: Approximately 22 x 9 cm.
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