Suspension Seatpost
31.8 mm | 300mm
for Bikes


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Make your next ride smooth with the Adsports ASSP31.8-300 suspension seatpost. It is quick and easy to install, just remove your existing post  from your seatpost tube and bike saddle and replace with this one.

The play and stiffness can be adjusted via the collar and hex bolt at the bottom of the post to achieve desired ride comfort.

Suspension Seatpost 31.8 mm Specifications:

  • Post diameter: 31.8 mm.
  • Saddle mount diameter 22 mm.
  • Shock absorber travel: 42 mm.
  • Seat post length: 300 mm.
  • Minimum insertion length:70 mm.
  • Maximum insertion length: 210 mm.
  • Bearing: Riders between 50 and 110 Kg.
  • Damping method: Coil spring.
  • Material: Aerospace 6061 Aluminum Alloy.
  • Weight: 371 grams +/- 5%.
  • Brand: Adsports.
  • PENGBO-318-300

Adjusting Seat Post Tension

To adjust  the tension of the spring the hex bolt at the bottom of the seatpost needs to be turned. We recommend using a torque wrench to do so as over adjustment or under adjustment could damage the seatpost. Furthermore it could cause harm as the spring could fire out of the tube.

Please note this seat post attaches into you existing seatpost saddle mount. If you also need a saddle mount we have these available in our range.

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