Suspension Seatpost
31.6 mm Diameter 335mm
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Ready for a smoother ride? Upgrade your bike with our suspension seatpost with 31.6 mm diameter. Suitable for 31.6 mm fitment, this seat post is quick and easy to install. Moreover, it can fit bikes with wider 34.9mm seat post tubes, using our compatible shims (optional and not inlcuded).

Adjusting the ride is simple with this seat post. Turn the collar and hex bolt at the bottom to fine-tune the play and stiffness, thus achieving your desired comfort level. Furthermore, these adjustments ensure your ride is both enjoyable and safe.

Suspension Seatpost 31.6 mm Specifications:

    • Post Diameter: 31.6 mm
    • Shock Absorber Travel: 40 mm
    • Seat Post Length: 335 mm (from bottom of seat post tube to bottom of seatpost rail)
    • Minimum Insertion Length: 100 mm
    • Maximum Insertion Length: 245 mm
    • Bearing Capacity: 50 – 110 Kg
    • Damping: Coil spring
    • Material: Aerospace 6061 Aluminum Alloy
    • Weight: 640 grams +/- 5%
    • Brand: EXAForm525
    • Model: ASSP316-300

Key Benefits:

  1. Quick Installation: Easily and swiftly upgrade your bike.
  2. Customizable Comfort: Adjust stiffness and play for a tailored ride.
  3. Universal Fit: Compatible with standard and wider seat post tubes.
  4. Robust Construction: Made with durable Aerospace 6061 Aluminum Alloy.
  5. Safe and Secure: Proper adjustment ensures a secure riding experience.

Adjusting the seat post is straightforward. Simply turn the collar for the right amount of play. Also, adjust the spring’s tension using a torque wrench on the hex bolt. This method prevents damage and ensures safe use. The locking torque range is 180 – 200kgf, with an indication of 18 – 20N.m.

Please note, this seat post integrates with your existing saddle mount. Additionally, if a saddle mount is needed, we have a range available. Upgrade today for an enhanced biking experience!

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