Space Saving Garage Bike
Storage System Bicycle
Ceiling Pulley


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This space saving garage bike storage system allows you to hang your bike from your garage ceiling. It uses a pulley system to quickly and easily hoist you bikes into place. The result is less floor clutter as well as safer storage of your bicycle. Can handle bikes up to 20kg.

Key Features

  • Relatively easy to install.
  • Makes storing bikes a breeze and keeps them away from harm.
  • Pulley system makes it easy to hoist bikes into place.
  • Provides quick access to your bike encouraging use.

Space Saving Garage Bike Storage System Contents

  • 15 meter rope x 1.
  • Wall bar with 7cm hole spacing  x 1 (to tie and anchor rope to).
  • Pulley ceiling brackets with 4.3 cm hole spacing x 2.
  • Pulley hooks x 2.
  • Screws x 10.
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