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Discover the ultimate trout fishing experience with our Gold and Silver Trout Lures Set. Designed for avid anglers in New Zealand, this set combines versatility and effectiveness to help you catch more trout. Whether you’re fishing in rivers, lakes, or streams, these lures are perfect for attracting and catching trout.

High-Quality Design

Each lure in this set features a durable metal body in gold and silver finishes. These reflective surfaces mimic the natural flash of baitfish, making them irresistible to trout. The precision-engineered shapes ensure optimal movement in the water, attracting trout from a distance.

Gold and Silver Trout Lures Set Contents

  • 2.0 gram lures x 2, 25 mm long, maximum hook width 7 mm (single hooks)
  • 2.8 gram lures x 2, 28 mm long, maximum hook width 7 mm (single hooks)
  • 7.8 gram lures x 2, 40 mm long, maximum hook width 7 mm x 3 (treble hooks)
  • 6.2 gram lures x 2, 45 mm long, maximum hook width 7 mm x 3 (treble hooks)
  • 11 gram lures x 2, 53 mm long, maximum hook width 9 mm x 3 (treble hooks)
  • Storage box 127 x 60 x 20 mm

*** Weight includes hook and rings. Length is the length of the lure only with hooks attached.

Versatile and Effective

The 10-pack includes a variety of lure designs, each tailored to different fishing conditions. From clear waters to murky depths, you’ll find the right lure to match any environment. The red accents on the lures add an extra element of attraction, making these lures even more enticing to trout.

This set is designed for both novice and experienced anglers. The lures are easy to attach to your fishing line, and their balanced weight ensures smooth casting and retrieval. Spend more time fishing and less time adjusting your gear with this convenient and efficient set.

Perfect for New Zealand Waters

Trout fishing in New Zealand is a popular and rewarding activity. With the Trout Lure Set Gold and Silver 10-Pack, you can confidently fish in a variety of locations, from the pristine lakes of the South Island to the fast-flowing rivers of the North Island. These lures are specifically designed to target the trout species found in New Zealand waters.

Gold and Silver Trout Lures Specifications

  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: Gold and Silver
  • Quantity: 10 lures
  • Target Species: Trout
  • Red Accents for Added Attraction

Key Benefits

  1. Durable metal construction ensures long-lasting use.
  2. Reflective surfaces mimic natural baitfish to attract trout.
  3. Variety of designs suitable for different water conditions.
  4. Easy to attach and use for all skill levels.
  5. Perfect for trout fishing in New Zealand’s diverse waters.

Enhance your trout fishing success with our Gold and Silver Trout Lures. Order now and get ready for an unforgettable fishing experience in New Zealand!

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