Shimano Brake Bleed Kit
with Plastic Adaptors
SRAM | Magura | Tektro


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Aftermarket brake bleed kit for bleeding most Shimano brake systems. It can also be used to bleed SRAM, Magura, Tektro plus other brake types.  We recommend checking the size compatibility of your brake system by removing your plug bolt and comparing diameter as shown in images.

Shimano Brake Bleed Kit Contents

  • Funnel with plug.
  • 2 x M5 Pagoda joint.
  • Long M5 joint.
  • 3 x M6 short joints.
  • Magura MT system joint.
  • SRAM Guide/Level system joint.
  • 2 x M4 Pagona joints.
  • Storage block holder.
  • Syringe and clamp.
  • Four piston block and a two piston block.
  • Plastic tube clamp.
  • Bleed bottle with metal hook.
  • 2 x Tubes.
  • Brake alignment tool.
  • 7 and 8 mm open wrench.
  • 5 mm Hex spanner.
  • T10 and T15 star wrench.
  • 2 mm Hexagonal spanner.
  • Pair of gloves and two rubber bands.
  • See images for thread measurements.

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