Roswheel Bag
Seat Post Mounted


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This Roswheel bag is a seat post mounted bike bag which doesn’t required a pannier rack. It is perfect for day trips, grocery shopping or riding to work. The bag is easy to attached and remove and can hold up to 10L of gear.

No need to worry about compatibility with your bike. These bags will fit to any bicycle as long as it has a seat and a seat post. So if you have a road bike or a mountain bike (MTB) or any other type of bicycle then this bag will fit.

Bike bag suitable for mountain bikes and road bikes

No additional gear is needed to mount this bicycle bag. It attaches to your bike seat post and bike seat using durable velcro hook and loop straps.

Attaches to your bike seat use durable velcro straps

To ensure these bike bags last the bottom part is shaped and supported with a PE board support. This support holds the bags shape and adds a layer of protection to the heaviest part of the bag.

PE board support

As well as the main storage compartment there is also a small zipper compartment. This zipper compartment uses a water resistant zipper to stop the rain leaking through the zip protecting the contents inside.

Water resistant zipper compartment

If you are worried about been seen at night then the Roswheel seat mounted bag has a reflection panel. This panel will reflect any light shone onto it increasing the chance of you been seen. Furthermore this is particularly useful if the bag covers an existing reflector when mounted onto your bikes seat.

In addition to this on the back of the bag there is also a lamp hanger for attached a lamp. This will allow you to maximize your rear visibility while cycling in the dark.

Reflection panel


Roswheel Bag Specifications

  • Fabric: 100% Polyester.
  • Bag Capacity: 10 Liters.
  • Mount type: Velcro hook and loop straps.
  • Number of compartments: 2.
  • Protection: Water resistant (for heavy rain use an internal dry bag).
  • Number of reflection points: 1.
  • Size: 51 x 15.5 x 12.5 cm.
  • Net weight: 370 grams.
  • GTIN: 6920636791285.
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