Rod Carrier Bag
with 8 Compartments
Suckerme Blue 130cm


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Set sail for New Zealand’s fishing spots with the Suckerme Rod Carrier Bag. This carrier is a model of efficient gear management and safety. It’s crafted for anglers, combining ease with durability. Thus, your tackle stays organized and ready.

Suckerme Rod Carrier Bag Key Features:

  • Versatile Rod Compartments: Six compartments fit various rod sizes. Therefore, it’s highly adaptable. Designed with widths of about 80mm, 90mm, 250mm, 100mm, 85mm, and 75mm, and a length of 1250mm, it fits most poles perfectly.
  • Large Accessory Sections: Two roomy pockets for your fishing needs. Hence, there’s plenty of space. They measure around 360 x 170mm and 720 x 170mm.
  • Sturdy Velcro Accessory Pocket Closures: Reliable Velcro keeps gear secure. Thus, everything stays in place.
  • Tough Nylon Material: The bag’s nylon is built to last. Consequently, it withstands the elements.

Product Perks:

  • Organizes gear for quick access. As a result, you save time.
  • Guards your equipment, in transit and storage. Hence, you’re worry-free.
  • Waterproof against any fishing backdrop. Therefore, your gear stays dry.
  • Comfortable, even when full. Thus, transport is always easy.

Ideal For:

  • Amateur and pro fishers in New Zealand. Hence, it’s perfect for anyone.
  • Anglers needing reliable gear storage. Consequently, it meets all storage needs.

The Suckerme Nylon Fishing Rod Carrier eases gear transport. Therefore, it’s vital for fruitful fishing in New Zealand’s waters.

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