Road Bike Mount
Wall Bracket


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This road bike mount is for hanging a single bike to a wall. It includes 2 hooks on either side for hanging accessories. Quick and easy to install you can have you bicycle hanging on the wall in minutes.

Suitable for hanging bicycles with tires between 1.25c to 2c. For hanging bikes with wider tires please see are other products.

Hook on Bicycle mount for hanging accessories


How Install Bicycle Hanger

These hangers are quick and easy to mount to your garage wall. First remove the rollers and the other internal parts to reveal the screw holes. Once this is done screw the bicycle holder to the wall then reinstall the roller.

How to Mount Bike Hanger to Wall

Road Bike Mount Specifications

  • Model number: BWM-G4.
  • Brand: Adsports.
  • Tire fitment size: 1.25c to 2c.
  • Hanger size: 2 x 4 x 4 cm.
  • Mounting hardware included: 2 screws, 2 expansion plugs.
  • Mounting Kit
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