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Our replacement handlebar grips for bikes add extra grip to the ends of your bicycles handle bars. They not only add grip they help reduce shock through the use of soft Kraton rubber. Furthermore this rubber is patterned to provide extra grip above the grippy-ness of the rubber to help you stay on your bike.

At the end of each side of the grip are anodised colour rings which are used to fasten the grip to your bicycles handle bars. These rings are available in 3 different colours (see our other listings) to change the look of your bike. So if you want blue mountain bike grips, red mountain bike grips or black grips we have them here for you.

Anodised coloured ring fasteners

Included with the handlebar grips are four anodised end fasteners which require a 3 mm allen key (not included). These fasteners not only fasten the grips to your bicycle handlebars they also add a bit of style to the look of your bike. They are available in red, blue or black, see our other listings for other colours.

Using this style of fastening makes it easy to replace your bikes grips as they slide on easily. Because of this you can change to look of your bike often and remove them easily to change or add other gear to your handle bars.

These bike grips will fit most bicycles with straight handle bars. The inside diameter is 22 mm made to fir handlebars with diameters of 22 – 23 mm.

Repalcement handlebar grips dimesnions

Replacement Handlebar Grips Bike Grips Specifications

  • Brand: Adsports.
  • Model number: HBG-R.
  • Lock on clamps: Anodised coloured with 3mm allen key lock (allen key not included).
  • Grip type: Soft Kraton rubber.
  • Grip ends: Black plastic.
  • Size : 130 mm (L), 25 mm end diameter, inner diameter 22 mm.
  • End ring Colour: Red.
  • Fitment: Bike handlebars with 22-23 mm diameters.
  • Applications: Standard straight bicycle handlebars used on most bikes such as mountain bikes, road bikes, kids bikes and more.

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