Foam Handlebar Grips
MTB or Roadbike
Red Colour


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Red handlebar grips for restoring the grip on your MTB or road bike. These grips can also be used to change the look of your bicycle. The coloured locking rings enhance the look of your handlebars making them a feature of your bike.

Red Handlebar Grips Foam on bike

They are quick and easy to fit to your bike. This is possible because they use the lock rings to hold the grips to your bikes handle bars. Instead of struggling to move a rubber tube over your handlebar they easily slide on. The locking ring is then tightened to handle the foam handle bar grip firmly in place.

Replacement handle bar grips on bike

Foam Handlebar Grips Specifications

  • Part number: C8625-R.
  • Brand: Customade.
  • Colour: Red (for other colours please see our other listings).
  • Length: 12.8 cm.
  • Inner size: 22.2 mm.
  • External diameter: 32.22 mm.


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