Oval Chain Ring
104BCT 46T
Black Colour


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Been thinking about trying out an oval chain ring. Now you can without breaking the bank. The OCR-104-46 is a high quality chain ring made from Aluminum alloy. It uses a combination of different shaped teeth to transfer workload to longer thicker teeth. The cogs head is also tapered to maximize the aerodynamics of the chain ring reducing friction through the air as you pedal.

The result is a highly efficient and reliable chain ring.

Oval Chain Ring Specifications

  • Cog material: Aluminum alloy 7075.
  • Pitch: 104 BCD.
  • Teeth: 46T.
  • BCD width: 104 mm.
  • Approximate weight:  111 grams +/- 5%.
  • Model number: OCR-104-46.
  • Colour: Black.

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