Orange Bike Pedals
Clipless Alloy Aluminum
340 grams


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Introducing the Orange Bike Pedals, a game-changer for cycling enthusiasts. Firstly, these pedals are meticulously crafted from alloy aluminium. Consequently, they boast a lightweight profile, weighing in at just 340 grams. This ensures that your bike remains agile and responsive.

Moreover, the clip-less design offers a secure connection between the pedal and your shoe. As a result, you gain better control and power transfer with every pedal stroke.

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Furthermore, the vibrant orange hue isn’t just for aesthetics. In fact, it enhances visibility, ensuring you stand out on the road. Additionally, the pedals come with a universal fit. Therefore, they’re compatible with most cycling shoes and bikes. Besides, the durable construction guarantees longevity, even with regular use. So, you won’t be replacing them anytime soon.

In addition, the pedals are designed for both professional cyclists and casual riders. Hence, they cater to a wide range of cycling needs. Furthermore, the anti-skid surface ensures your foot remains in place, even in wet conditions. Thus, safety is never compromised.

Lastly, the installation process is straightforward. Therefore, you can easily fit them onto your bike without any professional help.

Benefits of Using our Orange Bike Pedals:

  1. Lightweight Design: At just 340 grams, these pedals won’t weigh your bike down.
  2. Enhanced Control: The clipless design ensures optimal power transfer and control.
  3. Increased Visibility: The bright orange color ensures you’re seen, enhancing safety.
  4. Universal Fit: Compatible with most bikes and cycling shoes.
  5. Durable: Made from sturdy alloy aluminum, they’re built to last.
  6. Versatile: Suitable for both professional and casual riders.
  7. Safe: The anti-skid surface ensures your foot stays in place.
  8. Easy Installation: No need for professional help; install them yourself with ease.

green pedals on bicycle

These alloy bike pedals use have a chromium-molybdenum steel shaft. This shaft utilises a 3 bearing system for smooth pedaling. The shaft is housed in an axis protection tube resulting in high durability and performance.

chromium-molybdenum steel shaft with 3 bearing system

Clipless Pedals Specifications

  • Body material: Aluminum alloy.
  • Axle material: Chromium-molybdenum steel.
  • Bearings: 3.
  • Number of pins per pedal: 18 removable pins.
  • Colour: Orange (please see second and third photos for closest actual colour).
  • Thread size: 9/16″.
  • Weight 340 grams per pair (+/- 5%).
  • Approximate dimensions: 105 x 97 x 20mm.
  • Brand: Enzo.
  • Model number: ENZO-BPO.
  • GTIN: 0735202382615.

Our Orange Bike Pedals are not only functional but also stylish. Therefore, they’re a must-have for every cyclist.

Please note the colour variation is due to different lighting conditions and angles when taking photos. For other colours see our other listings.

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