Narrow Wide Chainrings
104BCT 32
Teeth Bicycle Chain Rings


32T Narrow wide chainrings made from aluminum alloy 7075 they are not only lightweight but strong and durable.

Use them to change you existing gear ratios or replace heavier chain rings to make your bike lighter. Can also be used to replace multiple cogs to simplify your bikes gear setup. Having rear gears only results in more reliable and more efficient gear shifting. They are perfect for matching with existing 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed cassettes.

These bike chain rings will fit 104 BCD cranks. To measure your crank bolt width measure as shown below. If you require chain rings with a different hole mounting configuration please ask.

Exploded specs of bike chain rings

32T Narrow Wide Chainrings Specifications

  • Model number: MOTSUVCR32T-B.
  • Brand: Motsuv.
  • Cog material: Aluminum alloy 7075.
  • Teeth: 32T.
  • BCD width: 104 mm.
  • Approximate weight:  60 grams.
  • Colour: Black.

We also have aluminum alloy bike pedals available to match these chainrings.  If you are replacing a worn cog we recommend changing your bike chain also.

Other teeth counts are available however delivery time will take an additional two weeks. If you need a 32T or 24T chain rings then please ask and we will order one in for you.

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