Mountain Bike Chain
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Great value mountain bike chain cleaner with wash kit includes all the accessories needed to clean your bicycle.  Just get a bucket fill of soapy water and away you go. This kit is suitable for use on all bikes not just mountain bikes.

Included in the kit is a MTB chain cleaning brush which can be used to clean any chain on any bike. It has two ends, one for cleaning the bike chain with the other end suitable for cleaning between your bicycle cogs.

MTB Chain cleaning brush

If you are needing a deeper clean of your bikes chain then the kit also has a bicycle chain cleaner which can be used for a deeper clean of your bikes chain. A clean change is essential for swift clean gear changes. Should your chain become dirty it should be cleaned before you ride your bike again.

MTB Chain cleaner

If you are cleaning your bike chain then your sprockets are likely to also be dirty. These should be cleaned at the same time as your bicycles chain using the included mountain bike sprocket cleaner.

mountain bike sprocket cleaner

After the bike sprocket cleaner has been used you can use the narrow cleaning brush to remove the released dirt. This is best done by applying some water as this will help wash away the finer bits of dirt and grime.

Narrow cleaning brush for sprocket cleaning

As well as the above specialised bike cleaning tools the kit comes with 3 additional brushes and a wash mitt. These can be used for cleaning your bicycles wheels and the rest for your bike.  The smaller brushes can be used to reach into the many tight spaces on your bike for a total bike clean.

Mountain Bike Chain Cleaner and Wash Kit Contents

  • Bicycle chain cleaning brush.
  • Bike/bicycle chain cleaner.
  • Cleaning mitt.
  • MTB wheel brush.
  • Tire scrubber.
  • Narrow cleaning brush.
  • Sprocket scraper.
  • Skin weight fine brush.
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