Motorbike Chain Cleaner
Tool Kit for Cleaning
Motorbike Chains MBCC3000


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Our MBCC3000 is a motorbike chain cleaner tool kit for making tidy and light work out of cleaning your motorcycle chain. A clean chain will not only look good but will also extend the life of your bikes chain. The result is a smoother running bike with reduced wear on costly parts.

How to Use Motorbike Chain Cleaner Tool Kit

  • Attach cleaner to your chain, fill bottle with your preferred chain cleaner.
  • Squeeze the bottle to encourage the cleaning solution flow.
  • Turn your wheel slowly to move chain through the cleaning.

Motorcycle chain cleaning kit video preview

Easy to use and relatively mess free.


This Cleaning & Lube Device is suitable for use on almost all motorcycles with a chain drive. The following exceptions are known: Kawasaki VN800, Kawasaki ZZR 1100, Honda Shadow 600.


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