Mosso M5-GN Rigid
Aluminum Fork for
MTB 26 Inch


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Our Mosso M5-GN rigid aluminum fork can be used to remove your bikes front suspension. It can also be used to replace an existing heavier fork to reduce our bikes weight. These forks are recommended for use with 26 inch MTB frames. Before ordering please measure your existing fork and compare with the dimensions shown.

mosso rigid fork production and quality control video preview image

Mosso forks are produced to high quality standards and are tested thoroughly before shipment. Because of this you can buy with confidence knowing a Mosso fork will not let you down. Watch the above video to see what these standards are and how their forks are tested.

Mosso M5-GN Rigid Aluminum Fork Specifications

  • Recommended frame size: 26 inch.
  • Material: 7005 Aluminum Alloy.
  • Colour combination: Black with red and grey labels.
  • Brand: Mosso.
  • Model number: M5-GN.
  • Weight: 798 grams +/- 5%.
  • Brake mount type: Disc brake.
  • Mounting tube diameter: 28mm.
  • Dimensions: As Below.

black and green fork dimesnions

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