Manual Dropper Post
27.2mm up to
100mm Travel


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Navigating New Zealand’s diverse terrains, from the winding coastal roads to the rugged mountain trails, requires top-notch biking equipment. Enter the EXAFORM DP272M-EXA Manual Dropper Post – a game-changer for Kiwi cyclists. Whether you’re exploring Aotearoa’s scenic landscapes or tackling demanding trails, adjustability and control over your bike’s seat post height and angle are crucial. With EXAFORM’s revolutionary dropper post, you’re always ready for what the track throws your way.


Unparalleled Flexibility & Control:

  1. Instant Seat Elevation: Seamlessly extend your bike seat post from 0 to a whopping 100mm with just a flick of the built-in switch. It’s never been easier to adapt to New Zealand’s varied terrains.
  2. Precision Lowering: To adjust downwards, simply sit on the seat, engage the lever, and descend to your desired height. Once you find that perfect elevation, release the lever, and it locks in place – it’s that intuitive!
  3. Full-Range Travel: With travel stopping anywhere between 0 and 100mm, your seat adjustment options are virtually limitless, ensuring maximum comfort on any ride.
  4. Cable-Free Installation: Say goodbye to cumbersome cables. Swap out your current seatpost for the EXAFORM dropper, and you’re set – no additional installations needed. Plus, with our easy-to-follow video guide, height adjustment becomes a breeze.
  5. Adjustable Seat Angle: Not just height, tailor your seat’s angle to perfection using the seatpost’s built-in swivel. Achieving that precise angle is manually done, ensuring you have full control (Hex key not included).

As well as been able to adjust your seats height quickly you can also adjust your sets angle. This can be done using the built in seatpost swivel. This adjustment is done manually so required the use of a hex key (not included).

Manual Dropper Post Specifications

  • Brand: EXAFORM.
  • Model: DP272M-EXA Manual Dropper.
  • Type: Mechanical and spring powered.
  • Material: Aluminum alloy.
  • Travel distance: 0 to 100 mm (stops anywhere between.
  • Activation switch location: Under bike seat.
  • Post diameter: Most common size in New Zealand 27.2mm.
  • Total length extended: 410 mm, ensuring it caters to diverse rider heights.
  • Minimum insertion length: Just 100 mm.
  • Weight: A light 684 grams (±5%), making it ideal for those who prioritize efficiency.

Kiwi cyclists, it’s time to redefine your riding experience. With the EXAFORM DP272M-EXA Manual Dropper Post, encounter unmatched seat adjustability, ensuring your rides across New Zealand are comfortable, controlled, and captivating.

Gear up for a transformative cycling journey in Aotearoa with EXAFORM!

The Advantages of a Dropper Post with a Switch Under the Seat

A dropper post is a pivotal innovation in the world of mountain biking and off-road cycling. It allows riders to adjust the height of their seat with ease, matching the terrain and riding conditions. Among the various activation mechanisms for dropper posts, the switch located directly under the seat is gaining popularity. Here’s why a dropper post with a switch under the seat might be your ideal choice:

  1. Intuitive and Ergonomic: A switch placed under the seat is in a natural position where the hand can easily reach while riding. This ensures that the adjustment of the post becomes an almost instinctive movement for the rider, requiring minimal thought and disruption during the ride.
  2. Less Clutter on Handlebars: With many modern bikes already featuring numerous controls on the handlebars (gear shifters, brake levers, suspension lockouts, etc.), it’s a breath of fresh air to remove one more item from this crowded space. A switch under the seat means one less cable or remote on the handlebars.
  3. Simplicity and Reliability: The under-seat switch mechanism is often simpler than some handlebar-activated systems. With fewer components and cables to worry about, there’s less that can go wrong, ensuring a more reliable system in the long run.
  4. Universal Application: Bikes come in various sizes and designs. An under-seat switch mechanism is less affected by these variations, making it easier to transfer the dropper post between different bikes if needed.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: For riders who value the clean look of their bikes, having fewer cables running along the frame can be a significant aesthetic advantage. An under-seat switch contributes to a streamlined and neat appearance.
  6. Cost-Effective: Given the simplicity of the under-seat switch mechanism, it can sometimes be more affordable than more complex handlebar-activated systems, making it a great choice for riders on a budget.

Summary of Advantages of Using Under Seat Switch Droppers

The choice between handlebar-mounted and under-seat switches for dropper posts boils down to personal preference.  In saying this there’s no denying the functional and aesthetic benefits of the latter. A dropper post with a switch under the seat offers a blend of simplicity, reliability, and intuitive use. This makes it a valuable addition to any off-road cycling setup.

Given the simplicity of the under-seat switch mechanism, it can sometimes be more affordable than more complex handlebar-activated systems. Furthermore it is super quick and easy to install yourself rather than forking out more money for installation. Because of this it makes  a great choice for riders on a restricted budget.

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