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Maximize your fishing success with 2.2cm artificial maggot bait packs, designed for realism and effectiveness in attracting a variety of fish species in different fishing conditions.

2.2cm Artificial Maggot Baits for Effective Fishing

  1. Ideal for coarse fishing: Perfectly sized for attracting a range of freshwater fish.
  2. Great for smaller fish: Their size makes them ideal for catching small to medium-sized fish.
  3. Effective in murky waters: Visible and attractive to fish even in less clear water.
  4. Suitable for float fishing: Works well with float rigs for surface or near-surface fishing.
  5. Useful in all seasons: Effective throughout the year, regardless of the season.
  6. Pair with light tackle: Best used with light rods and fine lines for a natural presentation.
  7. Excellent for match fishing: A popular choice in competitive fishing scenarios.
  8. Good for bait combinations: Can be combined with other baits to increase effectiveness.
  9. Attractive movement: Mimics the natural wriggling of real maggots.
  10. Environmentally friendly: A sustainable alternative to live baits.

2.2cm artificial maggot baits are an excellent tool for anglers seeking versatility and effectiveness. They are especially useful in coarse and match fishing, suitable for various water conditions, and effective in attracting small to medium-sized fish. Their realistic design and sustainable nature make them a preferred choice for environmentally conscious anglers.


Soft Bait Maggots

Maggot Bait Specifications

  • Brand : Suckerme
  • Part number : ML50
  • Length: 2.2 cm
  • Weight: 0.45 grams
  • Materials: Soft silicon
  • Colour: White
  • Qty: 50 Pack
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