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Discover New Zealand’s outdoors with our DF1800 Lightweight Tent, offering exceptional value for its specifications and features. Whether you’re on a bikepacking adventure or embarking on multi-day hikes, this tent stands as an outstanding companion.

Stormproof tent

Why is this Tent so Good?

Constructed with 210T waterproof anti-tear polyester fabric, it boasts a remarkable waterproof index of 2000 mm. Complementing this, its taped seams with waterproof tape effectively fend off rain. Rest assured, the ground moisture won’t dampen your spirits either, thanks to the tent floor crafted from 210D oxford cloth, which offers an elevated waterproof rating of up to 3000 mm.

Waterproof taped seams

Beyond rain protection, this stellar 2-person tent shields you from pesky mosquitoes. Its inner high-density mesh keeps most insects at bay, while ensuring ample ventilation for your comfort.

High density mosquito mesh

Elevate your camping experience with its thoughtful features. As well as the tent been made from quality and purposeful fabrics it has other useful features. These features may be little things but they are there to make your camping life easier.

The built-in lamp hanger at the tent’s peak offers a convenient spot for your light source, doubling as a mosquito attractant for any stray intruders.  This not only keeps them away from your body but makes it easier to squash them before you settle down to sleep.

lantern hook

Another nice feature of this 2 person tent is the side pocket on the inside of the tent. This side pocket can be used to hold small devices which you may need at night making them easy to find. This is a great place to store your phone and torch.

internal pocket for small items

Lightweight Tent DF1800 Specifications

  • Dimension: (140+40)x210x105CM (L x W x H)
  • Inner Area: 140 x 200cm
  • Net Weight: about 1.85 kg +/- 5%
  • Colour: Vibrant high visibility Orange
  • Outer fabric: 210T waterproof anti-tear polyester PU 2000 waterproof layer
  • Inner fabric: 210T mesh layer
  • Bottom base fabric: 210D oxford cloth water layer PU 3000MM
  • Carry Bag: 50 x 13 x 13CM
  • Brand: DFTents


  • Tent.
  • 2 x Aluminum poles.
  • 8 x Tent Pegs.
  • 2 x Ropes.
  • 1 x Storage bag.

Contents of desert fox 2 person tent

Choose the DF1800 for a reliable, comfortable, and efficient camping adventure in the heart of New Zealand’s captivating landscapes.

Reducing Condensation in a Lightweight Tent

Ultimately small tents will get wet inside, do not get this confused with the tent leaking. Condensation in tents, especially lightweight ones, can dampen your camping spirit. When the temperature outside drops and the warmth from your body and breath meets the cooler tent surface, condensation forms. Here’s how to reduce it for a dry and comfortable outdoor adventure:

  1. Ventilate: Always ensure good airflow. Open vents or partially unzip doors to encourage the movement of air. This helps in expelling the warm, moist air from inside and replacing it with cooler, drier outside air.
  2. Select a Suitable Site: Pitch your tent on higher ground. Avoid low spots or depressions where cold air accumulates. Remember, moist ground can contribute to condensation. Choose a site with dry ground or use a groundsheet.
  3. Limit Sources of Moisture: Avoid cooking inside the tent. Besides potential safety hazards, stoves release moisture that condenses quickly in cooler temperatures. Dry wet gear outside and avoid breathing into your sleeping bag.
  4. Utilize Absorbent Materials: Bring along small, absorbent camp towels to wipe down condensation in the morning. They can be easily wrung out and dried during the day.
  5. Ensure the Tent is Pitched Well: A correctly pitched tent will encourage water to drain from the outside off the tent reducing condensation on the inside. Ensure the tents guide ropes are tightened well but not too tight and the shape looks like it does in the pictures above.

Remember, a little condensation is natural, but with these tips, you can enjoy a drier and more pleasant camping experience.

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