Internal Dropper Post
with Handlebar Switch
DP272I 27.2mm


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This internal dropper post not only represents value for money it also represents excellent quality. They are adjustable hydraulic bike seat posts . The height can quickly and easily be adjusted up or down by up to 80 mm. This is useful when a bike is used by more than one person or if you need to adjust the height of the seat while riding.

These automatic adjustable bike seat posts use internal cables. This means a hole may need to be drilled in your bikes seat post mount if one is not already there.

30.9 Dropper Post External Routing Our Best Value Dropper Post

This MTB seat dropper post range represents extremely good value for money as they include the cabling. As well as including the cabling this MTB dropper range also comes with an activation switch. To raise the seat using the MTB dropper post simply hold the switch and remove your weight from he bike seat. Alternatively to lower the height of the bicycle seat sit on the seat while holding the switch in.

30.9 dropper post external routing switch

As well as using these seat posts to raise and lower your bikes seat automatically you can also pivot your seat. The cradle angle angle can be adjusted -5 to 18 degrees for further comfort.

best value seatpost angle adjustments 5 to 18 degrees

To keep your MTB dropper post in good condition we recommend regularly applying grease to the collar as shown below. By doing this it will ensure a smooth adjustment of the post.

adjustable bike seatpost close up

Internal Dropper Post Specifications

    • Total length: 350 mm.
    • Minimum Insertion: 100 mm.
    • Maximum Insertion: 200 mm.
    • Adjustable travel: 80 mm.
    • Approximate weight: 481 grams.
    • Cable length: 150 cm.
    • Cable entry: Internal.
    • Type: Hydraulic and air pressure sealed cartridge.
    • Material: Aluminum 7050 alloy.
    • Cradle angle: -5  to 18 degrees.
    • Finish: Black sandblasted matte anode.
    • Model number: DP272I.

Please note we carry the 80mm dropper post 27.2 mm seat post size as standard. This model is available for immediate dispatch. If you require any of the other sizes show on back order then delivery will take up to 14 days.

We also have multiple adaptors available to allow these droppers to fit wider seat post mounts.

External 27.2mm seatpost droppers are also available, click here for more information.

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