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Cycling enthusiasts understand that a cluttered and exposed cable system can hinder the aesthetic and functionality of their bikes. The IRK-100 Internal Cable Routing Kit is meticulously designed to streamline the process of installing internal cables. Such cables can include cables for brakes, shifters, and dropper posts into bike frames. Housing your bikes cables internally  promote a cleaner look and enhanced performance.

** Not suitable for use with metal bike frames as it uses magnets which will stick to the frame **

Kit Overview: Encased in a durable plastic storage box, this kit ensures every essential tool is well organized. Perfect for professional bike mechanics or a passionate cyclists inclined towards DIY.  This kit simplifies the potentially tricky task of internal cable routing.

Internal Routing Kit Contents

  • Comprehensive Instructions: Detailed guide on how to adeptly install internal cabling into your bike frame.
  • Guide Rope  with rubber coating: Assists in threading cables smoothly inside the frame.
  • Rubber Adapter Cable & Magnet Adapter Cable: These tools aid in handling and directing various types of cables within the internal spaces.
  • Hydraulic Brake Cable Connector & Brake Cable Connector: Simplify the process of connecting brake cables internally.
  • E-tube Connector: For flawless electronic shifting installation.
  • Guide Magnet: Assists in maneuvering the cables in the right direction using its magnetic pull.
  • Storage Box: A compact plastic box to keep your tools safe, organized, and ready for the next use.

Instructions for Using the IRK-100:

  1. Begin by identifying the entry and exit points on your bike frame for the cable.
  2. Insert the rubber-coated guide rope into the entry point.
  3. Using the guide magnet from the outside of the frame, navigate and guide the rope towards the exit point.
  4. Once the guide rope is out, attach the necessary adapter cable or connector (based on brake, shifter, or dropper post requirement) to its end.
  5. Pull the guide rope back through, drawing the internal cable smoothly along its path.
  6. Disconnect the adapter or connector and secure the internal cable as required.

Important Note: This kit is optimized for a range of bike frame materials but is NOT suitable for use with metal bike frames. Always ensure compatibility before attempting to route cables internally.

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