High Rise MTB Stem
Adjustable Angle 0 to
90 degrees 25.4mm


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Introducing the versatile High Rise MTB Stem, suitable for both mountain and road bikes. Easily adjust your handlebar position for enhanced comfort and control.

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High Rise MTB Stem Effortless Installation and Adjustment

With an Allen key, you can quickly adjust the stem’s angle. Don’t have one? Consider our bike multi-tool, complete with an Allen key set.

Wide Range of Options

We offer six models, with the 31.8mm 93mm stem readily available. Need a different model? Please allow up to six weeks for special orders.

Key Benefits

  1. Improves riding posture, reducing strain on your back and shoulders.
  2. Offers precise control, particularly on steep or technical terrain.
  3. Customizable angle adjustment ensures a tailored fit for every rider.
  4. Enhances bike handling, making it easier to navigate turns and obstacles.

High Rise MTB Stem Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum alloy AL6061 T6
  • Handlebar center diameter: 25.4mm
  • Steering tube diameter: 28.6mm
  • Adjustability: 0 to 90°
  • Lengths available: 60mm, 80mm, 93mm, 100mm (model-dependent)
  • Approximate weight: 312 grams ± 5%

Product Summary

Enhance your biking experience with our High Rise MTB Stem. It offers easy handlebar adjustment, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride. Perfect for cyclists seeking improved posture and handling on their rides.

28.6 mm adjustable bike stems

How to Change Your Bike’s Handlebar Stem

Tools Needed:

  • Allen wrench set
  • Torque wrench (optional)


  1. Prepare Your Bike:
    • Place your bike on a stand or turn it upside down, resting it on the seat and handlebars.
    • Ensure it is stable to prevent any accidents.
  2. Loosen the Stem Bolts:
    • Locate the bolts that clamp the stem to the steerer tube of the fork.
    • Using an Allen wrench, loosen these bolts. Do not remove them completely.
  3. Loosen the Handlebar Clamp Bolts:
    • Find the bolts that secure the handlebar to the stem.
    • Use an Allen wrench to loosen these bolts until the handlebar can move freely.
  4. Remove the Old Stem:
    • Once all bolts are loosened, gently remove the stem from the steerer tube.
    • Carefully slide the handlebar out of the stem clamp.
  5. Install the New High Rise MTB Stem:
    • Position the new stem onto the steerer tube. Ensure it is aligned with your front wheel for proper handling.
    • Tighten the stem bolts onto the steerer tube, but do not fully tighten yet.
  6. Reattach the Handlebar:
    • Place the handlebar back into the new stem’s clamp.
    • Evenly tighten the handlebar clamp bolts in a cross pattern to ensure even pressure.
  7. Final Adjustments:
    • Make sure the stem is aligned with your front wheel. Adjust as necessary.
    • Once satisfied with the alignment, fully tighten the stem bolts to the manufacturer’s recommended torque using a torque wrench if available.
  8. Test Ride:
    • Before going on a long ride, take a short test ride to ensure everything feels comfortable and secure.
    • Check the tightness of all bolts once more after the test ride.

Safety Tips When Installing YourHigh Rise MTB Stem:

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and torque specifications.
  • Regularly inspect your stem and handlebars for any signs of wear or damage.
  • If you’re unsure about any step, consult a professional bike mechanic.

25.4 x 60mm, 25.4 x 80mm, 25.4 x 100mm, 31.8 x 60mm, 31.8 x 80mm, 31.8 x 93mm

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