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Make sure you are seen in the dark with our hi vis bands. They are not just only high visibility bands they are also reflective making them versatile in their use. This makes them perfect for cycling and running in the dark or for when light is fading. They are also great for additional safety when working on building sites or anywhere where been seen is a matter of safety.

The pack includes two high visibility reflective arm bands of the same colour.


Hi Vis Bands Specifications

  • Brand: Adsports.
  • Material: Elastic Polyester with Velcro fasteners.
  • Colours available: Yellow, orange, pink and blue.
  • Reflective band dimensions: 4 x 33.5 cm.
  • Band diameter: Un-stretched diameter with Velcro square perfectly matched approximately 140mm
  • Qty of arm bands in pack: 2 high visibility arm bands.

Uses of High Visibility ArmBands

  • Roadwork and construction zones: These areas are often dimly lit making it difficult to see.  High visibility armbands can help to keep workers safe from oncoming traffic and other hazards.
  • Nighttime sports and activities: Such activities often take place in low-light conditions. These activities can include running or cycling. A high visibility armband can help to keep participants safe from injury.
  • Walking and jogging in low light conditions: These activities are often done in low-light conditions making them unsafe near traffic and other hazards. Therefore wearing a hi vis band set can help keep walkers and joggers safe from being hit by cars.
  • Working in hazardous areas: For areas may be dimly lit making  it difficult to see. A reflective arm band can help to keep workers safe.

In addition to increasing visibility, reflective armbands can also be used to identify the wearer’s affiliation.  Such use can include sports team member identification or job roles.

Benefits of Use

High visibility armbands are a simple and effective way to improve safety in low-light conditions. They are a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use safety tool that can help to prevent accidents and injuries.

Here are some additional benefits of using high visibility armbands:

  • They can help to improve visibility in low-light conditions. Therefore making it easier for motorists and other pedestrians to see you.
  • Can help to increase your chances of being seen by emergency personnel in the event of an accident.
  • Can help to boost your confidence makng you feel more safe and secure.

If you are looking for a way to improve your safety in low-light conditions, high visibility armbands are a great option. They are a simple, effective, and affordable way to make yourself more visible to others.

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