Golf Club Head Cleaner
Brush with Water Spray


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Elevate your golf game by ensuring your clubs are always at their best with our Golf Club Head Cleaner Spray Bottle with Brush. This unique tool, designed with the avid golfer in mind, combines convenience and functionality in one compact solution.

To spray water, expand the bottle to open the valve and squeeze the bottle. When done, close the bottle buy push the top end with the brush down towards the bottle.

  • Efficient Cleaning System: Our cleaner features a self-contained water reservoir that, when paired with sturdy nylon bristles, ensures swift and effective cleaning of your golf equipment. Whether you’ve just made that perfect shot on a sandy fairway or navigated a tricky bunker, our cleaner helps get rid of any debris with ease.
  • Easy Refilling: Running out of water? No worries. Filling it up is a breeze – you can either add plain water or a water/soap solution for a deeper clean.
  • User-Friendly Design: Cleaning your club heads has never been simpler. Pull brush section up, gently squeeze the bottle and scrub with the brush for instantly clean clubs. Its intuitive design means even those new to the sport can keep their clubs in top shape.
  • Portable Convenience: With an added clip, this cleaner can easily be attached to your golf bags or waist belt. This ensures that, wherever you go on the course, your cleaner goes with you.

Golf Club Cleaner Dimensions

  • Length: Approximately 16cm
  • Diameter: Approximately 4cm

Why Clean Your Golf Club Heads? Your golf clubs are an extension of your swing. Dirt, sand, and grass can accumulate on the club’s face, affecting the spin, trajectory, and overall performance of your shot. A clean club head ensures consistent ball contact, optimizing accuracy and distance. Plus, maintaining clean clubs prolongs their lifespan, protecting your investment. With our Golf Club Head Cleaner Spray Bottle with Brush, you’re not just cleaning your clubs; you’re enhancing your game.

Conclusion: Don’t let dirty club heads be the reason for a missed shot. Equip yourself with our Golf Club Head Cleaner Spray Bottle with Brush and ensure every swing counts.

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