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Enhance your fishing adventures in New Zealand with this 40-pack of fly mimicking lures, expertly designed to suit the unique fishing environments and diverse fish species found across the country.

Fly Mimicking Lures Key Features

  1. Perfect for New Zealand trout: Ideal for targeting the abundant trout species in New Zealand’s rivers and lakes.
  2. Effective in clear waters: Their realistic appearance excels in the pristine, clear waters typical of New Zealand.
  3. Suitable for diverse habitats: Works well in both the North and South Island’s varied fishing spots.
  4. Attract native fish species: Designed to appeal to New Zealand’s unique freshwater fish.
  5. Great for river fishing: Especially effective in famous fishing rivers like the Tongariro and Waikato.
  6. Lightweight for backcountry trips: Ideal for anglers exploring remote fishing locations.
  7. Variety of patterns: Includes patterns that mimic local insect life, increasing effectiveness.
  8. Eco-friendly: A responsible choice for preserving New Zealand’s natural ecosystems.
  9. Durable for rugged conditions: Built to withstand the diverse and challenging fishing conditions of New Zealand.
  10. Portable for traveling anglers: Compact design makes it easy to carry on fishing expeditions across the country.

This 40-pack of fly mimicking lures is a must-have for anglers in New Zealand, offering an array of designs specifically suited to the country’s diverse fishing environments. From targeting the renowned trout in clear rivers and lakes to exploring remote backcountry waters, these lures provide an effective and environmentally friendly way to enjoy the rich fishing experiences that New Zealand has to offer.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Suckerme
  • Part number: SMFML40PK
  • Hook type: #10 barbed hook
  • Qty: 40 Flies.
  • Fly dimensions: See photo
  • Box dimensions: 7.8 x 11.4 x 2.7 cm
  • Colours: Black Green and Red

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