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This fly fishing flies assortment set includes 30 fly lures stored in a convenient plastic box. Hook sizes are 7 x 15 mm and 7 x 20 mm, suitable for various fishing conditions. Each set offers a unique selection of fly patterns to attract different fish species. Contents may vary from photos, adding an element of surprise and versatility for every angler.

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Types of Flies and Their Uses

Dry Flies

Appearance: Delicate feathers with a high-floating design.

When to Use: Ideal during hatches when insects are abundant on the water surface, usually in late spring to early autumn.

Where to Use: Perfect for clear, calm waters where trout feed on the surface.

Why to Use: Dry flies imitate adult insects, attracting fish feeding on the surface. Highly effective for sight fishing.


Appearance: Less flashy, with a heavier body to sink below the water surface.

When to Use: Effective year-round, particularly when fish are not rising to the surface.

Where to Use: Best in rivers and streams where fish feed on underwater insects.

Why to Use: Nymphs mimic the immature stage of aquatic insects, making them irresistible to fish feeding below the surface.

Wet Flies

Appearance: Designed to sink and drift with the current, often with soft, flowing materials.

When to Use: Useful in various conditions, especially in moving water.

Where to Use: Suitable for rivers, streams, and lakes.

Why to Use: Wet flies resemble drowned insects or emergers, attracting fish by their natural movement in the water.

Benefits of the Fly Lures Assortment Set

  1. Versatility: Covers a wide range of fishing scenarios and conditions.
  2. Convenience: Comes with a plastic storage box for easy organisation and transport.
  3. Variety: Includes different fly types to match various insect hatches and fish feeding behaviours.


  • Hook Sizes: 7 x 15mm and 7 x 20mm
  • Quantity: 30 flies
  • Storage: Plastic box


This Fly Lures assortment set is perfect for anglers looking to enhance their fly collection with a diverse range of patterns. Whether fishing in the tranquil lakes of New Zealand or the fast-moving rivers, this set ensures you’re prepared for any situation, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Please note the assortment pictured is typical of box contents. Actual contents may differ slightly but will be close to that of pictured.

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