Fishing Spinning
Reels with Spare
Spoil AS-HB1000


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These fishing spinning reels are high quality fishing reels suitable for fishing for small to large sized fish. They include a spare spoil for quick reloading of another fishing line or for holding different colour fishing line.

Please see our other listings for other models.

Fishing Spinning Reels Specifications

  • Brand: Adsports.
  • Unloading force : 8KG.
  • Max Drag: 8KG.
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1.
  • High strength CNC alloy line spool.
  • Internal full metal structure.
  • Zinc alloy main gear.

Fishing Spinning Reels Line Capacities

Currently in the range we have two models available. They both include the spare spoil and are suitable for catching small to large sized fish. If you are using a heavier line we recommend using the AS-HB300 as it is capable of holding more fishing line.

Line Capacity and Weight

  • Line Capacity(mm-M): 0.20/200 , 0.25/130 , 0.30/90
  • Weight: 236 grams

We have green Fluro carbon monofilament fishing line available for use with these reels. The correct line to use with these reels is the 0.29mm line as this can hold u to 8.2 kg of weight which matches the maximum drag of these reels. More information on this line can be found here.

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