Fishing Rod Storage
Bag with 8 Compartments
Suckerme Blue 150cm


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Embark on your angling escapades across New Zealand’s waters with the Suckerme Fishing Rod Storage Bag. This bag is the epitome of neat gear arrangement and protection. Tailored for fishing aficionados, it merges practicality with resilience. As a result, your fishing gear is organized and at the ready.

Suckerme Fishing Rod Storage Bag Key Features:

  • Multiple Pole Compartments: Six distinct compartments accommodate a range of pole sizes. Therefore, adaptability is inherent. Designed with widths of about 80mm, 90mm, 250mm, 100mm, 85mm, and 75mm, and a length of 1450mm, they fit most poles perfectly.
  • Expansive Accessory Storage: Two sizable compartments are at your disposal for accessories and tackle. Hence, ample space is always available. Measuring roughly 430 x 170mm and 730 x 170mm, they’re ideal for stowing your tackle and tools.
  • Reliable Velcro Openings: Robust Velcro fastenings secure each accessories pocket. Thus, your belongings are safeguarded.
  • Sturdy Nylon Fabric: The premium nylon material is tough against the elements. Consequently, it endures through time.
  • Effortless Transportation: With its adjustable strap and solid handles, carrying is a breeze. Thus, you’re assured comfort on the go.

Product Advantages:

  • Efficiently organizes and grants quick access to your equipment. As a result, you’re more time-efficient.
  • Shields your gear in transit and when stored. Hence, peace of mind is yours.
  • Resists water in any fishing scenario. As a result, your equipment remains dry.
  • Designed for comfort, even when fully packed. Thus, ease of transport is guaranteed.

Perfect For:

  • Both hobbyists and professional fishers in New Zealand. Hence, it’s versatile for all.
  • Anglers in search of a dependable gear organizer. Consequently, it fulfills all organizational needs.

The Multi-Compartment Nylon Fishing Pole Bag simplifies gear transportation. Therefore, it’s indispensable for triumphant fishing ventures in New Zealand’s majestic waters.

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