Fishing Popper Lure
120 mm | 40 grams
Black Red Silver


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Embark on an exciting fishing adventure in New Zealand’s waters with this dynamic fishing popper lure, ideal for catching kingfish and other large species.

Realistic Design

Featuring 3D eyes and lifelike skin, these lures mimic the appearance of real fish, enhancing their attractiveness underwater. Furthermore, the high-quality strong rings and dual treble hooks ensure a secure catch of those bigger fish.

large 120 mm fishing lures black red silver


Key Benefits for when using in NZ:

  1. Perfect for targeting New Zealand’s famed kingfish and other large fish species.
  2. Lifelike appearance enhances the lure’s attractiveness to fish, increasing your catch rate.
  3. Durable construction ensures longevity, even in the challenging conditions of New Zealand’s waters.
  4. Dual treble hooks provide a secure catch, reducing the chances of fish escaping.
  5. Ideal weight and size for effective casting and maneuvering in various water conditions.

Red Lure Exploded Features

Fishing Popper Lure Specifications

  • Brand: Suckerme.
  • Model number: BPFL-01.
  • Colour: Red/Silver/Black (please see our other listings for other colours).
  • Length: 120 mm.
  • Lure weight: 40 grams.
  • Product material: Plastic.
  • Eyes: 3D eyes (make fish seem real).

When and Where to Use a Red and Silver Popper Lure

In New Zealand, the red and silver popper lures are particularly effective. The red lure is ideal for murky or darker waters, as it stands out against the backdrop, attracting fish. The silver lure excels in clear, sunny conditions, reflecting light and mimicking the flash of real fish. These lures are especially effective in coastal areas and near structures where kingfish are known to feed.

Product Summary

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a recreational fisher, these fishing popper lures are a must-have for your tackle box. Their realistic design, coupled with the strength and durability they offer, make them an invaluable tool for fishing in New Zealand’s rich and varied aquatic environments.

We have other coloured popper lures and sizes in our range. Please see some of these options below.

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