Emergency Bivvy Shelter
SOS Orange
125 grams


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There is no excuse for not taking an emergency bivvy shelter with you when there is potential for injury or getting lost in the outdoors. It weighs only 125 grams and packs down ultra small.  Having one of these in your pack or vehicles glovebox could save your life.

It can be used as a bivvy bag or emergency sleeping bag should you get lost or not be able to return safely. As a bivvy bag you can use it with your sleeping bag inside to stop your sleeping bag from getting wet. If you don’t have a sleeping then the emergency bivy can be used as a sleeping bag to trap your bodies heat inside.

Use as an emergency bivvy bag

Alternatively this survival bag can be pitched as a emergency shelter. To do this you will also need to carry some string or paracord. This is a good way to use it with a sleeping bag if no heavy rain or wind is expected. If it is windy or heavy rain is expected then it is best to use as a bivvy as shown above.

Use as an emergency shelter

The fabric has two sides.  The orange side is water proof and can be used to help emergency survives locate you. The silver inside layer helps reflect your body heat in cold conditions keeping you warm. Alternatively if you find yourself in conditions are too hot. The bag can be turned inside out and the foil can reflect the suns heat away from your body.

Waterproof fabric lined with foil reflects heat

With some care this emergency sleeping bag can be rolled up and reused. It includes a small closable bag for storage in your backpack.

Reusable bivy for emergency use

Dimensions of the bivvy bag are slighty larger than most sleeping bags. This makes use of a sleeping bag inside possible helping keep you warm and dry.

Emergnecy bivvy shelter dimensions

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Emergency Bivvy Shelter Specifications

  • Fabric: PE matrial.
  • Colour: SOS Orange with black stripe.
  • Useable size: 200 x 90 cm.
  • Packed size: 10.5 x 5 x 4 cm.
  • Weight: 125 Grams.

*** WARNIG – do not use instead of a tent or as your only sleeping bag. The intended use of this product is for emergency use only when you are not expecting to stay a night outside ***

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