Dropper Post 31.6mm
with External Routing
100 mm Drop


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This dropper post is a 30.9 dropper post with external routing. The height can quickly and easily be adjusted up or down by up to 150 mm. This is useful when a bike is used by more than one person or if you need to adjust the height of the seat while riding.

Dropper Post Features:

  • 150 mm travel: This dropper post has a travel of 150 mm. This amount of travel is a good amount of travel for most mountain biking applications.
  • External routing: This dropper post has external routing which means no holes need to be drilled into your bike frame. Furthermore this makes installation quick and easy.
  • 31.6 mm diameter: This dropper post has a 31.6 mm diameter. This is one of the most common sizes for mountain bikes in New Zealand. You can also fit it into wider seatpost tubes using one of our shim adaptors.
  • Durable construction: This dropper post is made from durable materials. These materials include a forged alloy body and a stainless steel shaft.


  • Improved control: Dropper seatposts allow you to lower your seatpost. This gives you a lower center of gravity and makes it easier to control your bike when going over rough terrain or descending.
  • Increased comfort: Dropper posts allow you to lower and raise your seatpost quickly. This takes weight off your sit bones and makes it more comfortable to ride for extended periods of time.
  • Better weight distribution: Lowering your bikes seatpost can help to improve weight distribution on your bike and make it easier to handle.
  • More versatility: Seatpost droppers allow you to adjust your seat height quickly and easily. Doing this can be helpful for riding in different terrain or situations.
  • Increased safety: Using a dropper post can help to prevent you from getting bucked off your bike. This is especiallty true when going over rough terrain or descending.

Product Information

This automatically  adjustable bike seat post uses an external cable. Because of this they can be used on any bike with a 31.6 mm seatpost mounting tube without having to drill a hole for the cable.

30.9 Dropper Post External Routing Our Best Value Dropper Post

This seat post dropper is good value for money as it includes the external cabling. As well as including the external cable the dropper also comes with an activation switch. To raise the seat using the MTB dropper post simply hold the switch and remove your weight from he bike seat. Alternatively to lower the height of the bicycle seat sit on the seat while holding the switch in.

30.9 dropper post external routing switch

The seat post cradle angle angle can be adjusted -5 to 18 degrees for further comfort. This makes these dropper posts dual purpose in function unlike some of the cheaper posts available in themarket.

best value seatpost angle adjustments 5 to 18 degrees

Regular maintenance is recommended to keep your dropper in good working order. This can be done by regularly applying grease to the collar as shown below. Doing this it will ensure a smooth adjustment of the post.

adjustable bike seatpost close up

31.6 Dropper Post External Routing Specifications

    • Model: DP316E.
    • Total length: 380 mm.
    • Adjustable travel: anywhere between 0 -100 mm.
    • Approximate weight: 710 grams.
    • Cable length: 150 cm.
    • Cable entry: External.
    • Type: Hydraulic and air pressure sealed cartridge.
    • Material: Aluminum 7050 alloy.
    • Cradle adjustable angle: -5  to 18 degrees.
    • Finish: Black sandblasted matte anode.

We also have a great range of seatpost shims to allow these dropper post to fit into wider seat tubes.

When to use a Dropper Post when Riding a Mountain Bike:

  • Descending: When descending, dropper posts can help you to lower your center of gravity and make it easier to control your bike. This is especially helpful when riding over rough terrain or when going fast.
  • Technical terrain: They can also be helpful when riding technical terrain, such as rocks, roots, and jumps. By lowering your seatpost, you can move your weight back and center your body over the bike, which can help you to stay in control.
  • Airtime: When taking flight, a dropper post can help you to get a better boost. By lowering your seatpost, you can extend your legs and get more leverage. This can help you to clear obstacles and land smoothly.
  • Climbing: While a dropper post is not typically used for climbing, there are some situations where it can be helpful. For example, if you are climbing a steep hill, you can lower your seatpost to get a better center of gravity. This can help you to maintain your balance and power.

27.2 mm seatpost droppers are also available, click here for more information.



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