Cycling Sunglasses
with 3 Interchangeable
Lens and Accessories


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These cycling sunglasses include three interchangeable lenses and a range of accessories. Included is a myopia frame and a rubber neck strap.  The result is one pair of sunglasses which can be used as 6 different types of bike sunglasses.

The frame is extremely flexible reduce the chance of those accidental breakages.

Photochromic Revo and Polarized Lens Included

Cycling Sunglasses Specifications

  • Model number: XT300-M.
  • Brand: X-Tiger.
  • Maximum lens dimensions: 60 (h) x 70mm (w).
  • Width of sunglasses: 145 mm.
  • Length of sunglasses  arm : 150 mm.
  • Bridge width: 19 cm.
  • Weight: Approximately 19.2 grams +/- 5%.

Cycling Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lens and Accessories video preview image


  • 3 Lenses: Revo (mirror lens), Photochromic and Polarized.
  • Rubber neck strap.
  • 1 set of spare arms.
  • Cleaning cloth.
  • Soft storage bag for glasses.
  • Soft storage bag for unused lenses.
  • Myopia frame.
  • Hard storage case with clip.
  • Polarization test card.

Installing Different Lenses into Frame

how to remove lenses

How to Remove Cycling Sunglasses Lens

how to install lenses

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