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If you need to get moving again quickly then this cycle puncture repair kit is what you need. No need to sit there waiting for the glue to dry or discovering the glue in your kit has gone hard and not been able to repair your puncture. All the contents of this kit fit are housed in a small bicycle puncture repair kit box. This box is mini sized so takes up little space making it an essential tool when going away.

Bicycle puncture repair kit box

How to Repair Bike Puncture with this Kit

Step 1

The kit includes 2 bike tire spoons. These spoons should be used to remove the bike’s tire from the wheel of your road bike or mountain bike.

Bike tire spoons

Step 2

Included in the bike tire repair kit is a tire file which should be used before applying the adhesive tyre repair patch. File gently around the puncture to the approximate shape of the patch. Clean the area then leave to dry before attaching the tire repair patch.

Bike tire file

Step 3

The bike tire repair kit includes 5  glue-less adhesive tire  patches which can be used to repair a flat bike tyre quickly and easily. After sanding the surface of the tire simply attach the adhesive tire patch and apply firm pressure. Replace tire back onto the wheel, inflate and you are ready to ride again.

5 Glue-less adhesive tire patches

Cycle Puncture Repair Kit Contents

  • 5 x Glue-less adhesive tire patches.
  • Bike tire file.
  • 2 x Bike tire spoons.
  • Mini storage box 3.6 cm x 12.6cm.


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