Crank Puller Remover
Tool with Spanner
for Bikes


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Crank puller tool which also includes a 16 mm crank spanner. It is easier to use than when using a standard open spanner on the puller tool. This is because the spanner will not slip off potentially scratching your bike’s crank.

If you want to know how to remove your bikes crank using this tool watch the below video. Removing your bike’s crank often needed to be done when converting your bike to an ebike. Alternatively these tools are needed to change your bikes crank gear to change your gears ratios.

how to remove bike crank video preview

Crank Puller Remover Tool Specifications

  • Material: #45 Nickle plated carbon steel.
  • Includes: Puller and 16 mm spanner.
  • Net weight: 182 grams.
  • Dimensions: See included images.
  • Model number: ASCPTS.
  • Brand: Adsports.

how to remove bike crank

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