Blue Bike Pedals
Clipless Alloy Aluminum
340 grams


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Elevate your cycling experience with the Blue Bike Pedals. Made from robust aluminuim alloy, they promise durability and style. Weighing just 340 grams a pair, they’re impressively lightweight. Furthermore, they come in a striking blue hue, adding a touch of vibrancy to your bike.

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Each pedal is equipped with 18 removable pins. These pins enhance grip, ensuring your feet remain securely in place. Moreover, the pedals are not just about aesthetics. They’re designed to boost your bike’s performance. The chromium-molybdenum steel shaft is a testament to their strength.

Additionally, the 3-bearing system promises smooth pedalling every time. The shaft is also encased in an axis protection tube. This feature ensures high durability and optimal performance.

The pedals are versatile, fitting a thread size of 9/16″. Their dimensions are approximately 105 x 97 x 20mm. Lastly, they’re a product of the renowned brand, Enzo, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Benefits of Using these Blue Bike Pedals:

  1. Enhanced Grip: The 18 removable pins in each pedal ensure your feet stay firmly in place.
  2. Lightweight Design: At 340 grams a pair, these pedals won’t add unnecessary weight to your bike.
  3. Durability: Made from aluminuim alloy and featuring a chromium-molybdenum steel shaft, they’re built to last.
  4. Smooth Pedalling: The 3-bearing system ensures a seamless cycling experience.
  5. Stylish Appearance: The vibrant blue hue adds a splash of color to your bike.
  6. Performance Boost: Designed to enhance your bike’s overall performance.
  7. Brand Assurance: Manufactured by Enzo, a trusted name in bike accessories.

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These alloy bike pedals use have a chromium-molybdenum steel shaft. This shaft utilises a 3 bearing system for smooth pedalling. The shaft is housed in an axis protection tube resulting in high durability and performance.

chromium-molybdenum steel shaft with 3 bearing system

Clipless Pedals Specifications

  • Body material: Aluminum alloy.
  • Axle material: Chromium-molybdenum steel.
  • Bearings: 3.
  • Number of pins per pedal: 18 removable pins.
  • Colour: Blue (please see second and third photos for closest actual colour).
  • Thread size: 9/16″.
  • Weight 340 grams per pair (+/- 5%).
  • Approximate dimensions: 105 x 97 x 20mm.
  • Brand: Enzo.
  • Model number: ENZO-BPB.
  • GTIN: 0735202382608.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bike’s performance or simply want to change its look, these Blue Bike Pedals are the perfect choice. They combine functionality with style, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

*** Please note the colour variation is due to different lighting conditions and angles when taking photos. For other colours see our other listings.

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