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Introducing the Black Bike Mud Guard Set, a practical addition to your cycling gear. This set includes both front and rear guards, designed to keep you clean and dry, no matter the weather. Perfect for cycling in New Zealand’s varied terrain.

Universal fitment of mudguards on front and rear of bicycle

Black Mud Guard Set Specifications

  • Brand: Adsports
  • Model number: ASMGS2B
  • Front guard total length: Approximately 52 cm including mounting bracket
  • Rear guard length: 30 cm including mounting bracket
  • Material: ABS plastic

Black Bike Mud Guard Set Key Benefits:

  1. Universal fitting for easy installation.
  2. Rear guard clips onto your bike’s seatpost tube with the included bracket.
  3. Front guard bolts onto your front fork using the vacant u brake hole.
  4. Made from durable ABS plastic.
  5. Protects you from mud and water splashes.
  6. Ideal for all-weather cycling in New Zealand.

Why Add Mud Guards to Your Bicycle?

Adding mud guards to your bicycle is a smart choice for cycling in New Zealand. They help keep you clean and dry, especially when riding on wet or muddy roads. Not only do they protect your clothing, but they also reduce the amount of cleaning needed for your bike after a ride. Enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience with the addition of mud guards.

Bike Mudguard Set Summary:

The Black Bike Mud Guard Set is an essential accessory for cyclists in New Zealand. It offers protection from mud and water, ensuring a cleaner and drier ride. With its universal fitting and durable material, this set is a practical choice for all-weather cycling.

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