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Experience the freedom of bikepacking and tramping in New Zealand with our lightweight Bivvy Bag! Specifically designed for the Kiwi adventurer, this Bivvy bag weighs a mere 800 grams, ensuring that your back remains strain-free on those lengthy trails. With its ability to pack down to a remarkably small 36 x 8 cm, you’ll have ample space left in your backpack for other essentials.

But that’s not all. The Bivvy bag comes with integral hoops for both its front and rear. Why? To give it a distinct shape. This purpose-driven design aids in water run-off, significantly decreasing condensation, so you stay dry and comfortable, even in those unexpected downpours.

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Bivvy Bag Specifications

  • Brand: Adsports
  • Model Number: BB800
  • Material: Crafted from polyester fiber and 210D oxford cloth, reinforced with silicon-taped seams to improve water tightness.
  • Waterproof Index: <1000 mm
  • Net Weight: A consistent 774g (+/- 5%)
  • Size: Spacious dimensions of 220 x 90 x 50 cm ensure a comfortable sleep

Each Bivvy bag also comes with essential pegs, strings, two sturdy poles, and a dedicated storage bag, ensuring you’re always adventure-ready. Gear up and explore the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand with confidence and comfort!

Benefits of Using a Bivy Bag

  • Compactness: Bivy bags are notably smaller and lighter than traditional tents, making them a backpacker’s dream.
  • Versatilityof a Minimal Footprint: Whether you’re resting at a summit or along a trail, a bivvy bag can be used almost anywhere without the need for a designated campsite.
  • Stargazing Opportunity:  The internal mesh door can be used on its own for a view of the night sky, creating a memorable tramping experience.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Acts as an essential backup in unforeseen situations, providing an immediate shelter solution.
  • Enhanced Connection: Being closer to nature without the confines of tent walls deepens the outdoor bonding experience.

Considering these advantages, a bivvy bag emerges as an excellent choice for trampers aiming for lightweight travel and a closer connection with the environment.

Minimizing Condensation in Bivy Bags: Effective Tips

Condensation inside a bivy bag can dampen an otherwise perfect outdoor experience. This moisture arises due to the body’s natural heat and breath, clashing with colder outside temperatures. Here’s how to effectively reduce this unwelcome dampness:

  • Ventilation is Key: Ensure there’s adequate airflow by partially opening the bag’s zipper or using built-in vents. A little fresh air circulation can make a significant difference.
  • Select a Good Campsite: Set up your bivy on elevated or grassy areas. By doing this you are less likely to accumulate ground moisture, compared to lower or densely vegetated spots.
  • Sleeping Pad Barrier: A quality sleeping pad underneath can act as an insulating barrier, minimizing the cold ground’s influence on condensation. We recommend using one of our Widesea sleeping pads as they fit perfectly inside these bivy bags.
  • Stay Dry: Before getting into your bivy, ensure your clothes are dry. Wet clothes increase internal humidity. We recommend storing any wet gear outside your bivy bag in a large plastic rubbish bag or similar.
  • Limit Eating Warm Food Inside: Avoid eating warm food inside your bivy. The steam generated can exacerbate condensation.
  • Weather Conditions: On clear, cold nights, condensation is more likely. Anticipate and adjust your setup accordingly.

Understanding and addressing the factors contributing to condensation will ensure a comfortable, drier night’s sleep in your bivy bag.

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