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Introducing the Adsports Bike Mudguard, a versatile accessory designed to fit most bicycles, including MTB, road bikes, and BMX bikes. Whether you need a front or rear mudguard, this universal guard has you covered.

Key Benefits:

  1. Reduces splatter from road or track, keeping you clean and dry.
  2. Protects your bike from mud and dirt, maintaining its condition.
  3. Minimizes mud kicked up by tires, enhancing safety for cyclists behind you.
  4. Improves bike aerodynamics, making your ride smoother and easier.

Benefits of Adding Mudguards in New Zealand:

Adding mudguards to your bicycle is especially beneficial in New Zealand, where diverse terrains and unpredictable weather conditions are common. They provide essential protection against mud and water, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

flat pack mudguard

It comes in a flat pack format which is bent and attached to the bicycle to form a front or rear mudguard. The kit includes 5 cable ties for attaching to your bicycles frame. These cable ties along with the durable flexible plastic can be used to mold the shape of the mudguard to fit most bikes frames.

5 cable ties

Bike Mudguard Specifications

    • Brand: Adsports.
    • Model number: UFMG-B.
    • GTIN: 0735202382325.
    • MPN: 3642573.
    • Material: Durable flexible plastic.
    • Colour: Black.
    • Weight including cable ties: 38 grams.
    • Size: 260 x 220 mm.

Bike Mudguard Dimensions

MTB bicycle mudguard dimensions

The mudguard comes in a flat pack format, easily bent and attached to your bicycle using the included 5 cable ties. Its durable flexible plastic allows you to mold the shape of the mudguard to fit most bike frames perfectly.

Experience a cleaner and more aerodynamic ride with the Adsports Bike Mudguard, your ideal companion for cycling in New Zealand’s varied landscapes. Perfect for those wet winter months to help keep your pants dry from and splatter out off your face. Order yours today for a more comfortable and drier ride during and after the rain fall.

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