Bike Groupset 10 Speed
LTWOO Derailleur XRACE
Cassette Chain Ring Chain


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Want more reliable shifting? Then replace everything and reduce the number of gear options with this bike groupset 10 speed set. Replacing everything is generally the best way to go as sometimes is is hard to know the fault. It could be your shifter, your chain, your chain ring or your cassette. By replacing it all removes the guesswork and can save you time.

Bike Groupset 10 Speed Contents

The set includes a LTWOO 10 speed shifter and a 10 speed rear derailleur. Only the rear set is included as it is a growing trend to only use one cog on the front of the chain. This improves gear shifting efficiency and reliability.

An 11 to 46 tooth 10 speed rear cassette is included to match the shifter. As well as this cassette a front 32 tooth chain ring is included. If your bike currently has  a front cassette you can replace it with this chain ring for more efficient shifting of gears.

LTWOO A7 Rear Derailleur

  • Brand: LTWOO
  • Speeds: 10 Speed.
  • Enhanced damping technology: Yes.
  • Design shape: Shadow RD with slant design.
  • Pully type: Big bearing pulley.
  • Weight: 295 grams +/- 5%.

LTWOO A7 shifter and Rear Derailleur 10 Speed

10 Speed Shift Lever LTWOO A7

  • Brand: LTWOO.
  • Handlebar side: Right.
  • Ratios: 1:1 Tech for precise and quick response.
  • Shift lever material: Aluminum.
  • Shift cable :Hyper low-friction coating tech.
  • Weight: 120 grams +/- 5%.


Cassette 11-46 Teeth

  • Brand: ZRace.
  • Chain guide groove: Yes.
  • Material: Aluminum alloy bracket.
  • Number of teeth: 11-13-16-20-24-28-32-36-40-46 teeth.
  • Weight: 545 grams +/- 5%.

ZRace Bike Groupset Cassette 11-46 Teeth

ZRace 32 Teeth Chain Ring

  • Brand: ZRace.
  • Number of teeth: 32 Teeth.
  • Mounting type: BCD104.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Aluminum alloy 7075.
  • Vickers-hardness 15+.
  • Weight: 60 grams +/- 5%

ZRace Bike Chain and Chain Ring

ZRace Bike Chain

  • Brand: ZRace.
  • Number of links: 120 Links (10 Speed).
  • Weight: 280 grams +/- 5%.

We also stock a great range of bike tools which are required to change your bikes groupset. See our bike tools section to see what is available.

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