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Shimano BBP3


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Aftermarket replacement bike disc brake pads for Shimano brake sets. To determine which pads are required for your brake set match up with the model shown below. Alternatively measure your existing pads and match with the corresponding dimensions.

If we do not have the pads you are looking for please contact us as we have access to a larger range.

Shimano Bike Disc Brake Compatibility

The BBP3 has a unique shape however please ensure you check the dimensions first. The BBP3 fits the following Shimano brake sets:

M975, M966, M965, M800, M775, M766, M765, M665, M601, M585, M596, M595, M545, M535, M505, BR-T505, BR-S501, BR-S500, BR-T665,BR=T605.

BBP3 Shimano Brakes


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