36T Crankset 104BCD
175mm Taper Square Hole
Bike Crank


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Upgrade your bike with the 36T Crankset 104BCD 175mm. This crankset is ideal for replacing worn cranks, upgrading existing ones, or switching to a single speed crank. Made from durable aluminium alloy, it significantly reduces the weight of your bicycle compared to steel cranks.

175mm bike crank


Using this 104BCD 36T crankset can improve pedaling efficiency, especially when cycling up hills or at lower speeds. It is a versatile option for various cycling conditions.

If your front derailleur struggles with gear shifts, consider replacing your multi-gear crankset with this single speed option. Removing the front derailleur and gear shifter stick will not only lighten your bike but also make gear shifting smoother and more reliable.

When replacing a multi-gear crankset with a single speed, try different sprocket sizes. This will help you determine the best number of teeth for your cycling needs.

Check our other listings for more options in this range. We offer a variety of cranksets to meet your specific requirements.


  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Mounting type: Taper square hole
  • Sprocket mount: BCD104
  • Crank length: 175 mm
  • Sprocket: 36 teeth
  • Chain ring type: Narrow wide
  • Chain compatibility: Single and double
  • Colour: Black
  • Model number: 104BCD75
  • Barcode: 0735202381151
  • Set weight: 675 grams

Key Benefits of Using the 36T Crankset

  1. Reduces bike weight significantly
  2. Improves pedaling efficiency on hills
  3. Provides smoother and more reliable gear shifting
  4. Durable aluminium alloy construction
  5. Versatile for different cycling conditions

Quick Start Guide: Replacing a Multi Chain Ring Crankset with a Single Speed Crankset

To start, gather the tools you will need: a crank puller tool, bottom bracket tool, Allen wrenches (various sizes), a wrench or spanner, grease, and a cleaning rag.

  1. Prepare your bike by placing it on a stable stand or turning it upside down. Ensure the bike is secure and stable before you begin.
  2. Remove the chain by shifting it to the smallest chainring and the smallest rear cog. Use a chain breaker tool to remove the chain or disconnect the quick link if your chain has one.
  3. Using the appropriate Allen wrench, loosen and remove the crank bolts on both sides of the crankset.
  4. Thread the crank puller tool into the crank arm and turn the handle to pull the crank arm off the bottom bracket spindle. Repeat this step for the other side.
  5. Using the bottom bracket tool, unscrew and remove the bottom bracket from the frame. Clean the bottom bracket shell with a rag.
  6. Apply grease to the threads of the new bottom bracket. Thread it into the frame using the bottom bracket tool and tighten securely.
  7. Slide the new single speed crankset onto the bottom bracket spindle. Install and tighten the crank bolts using an Allen wrench.
  8. Reconnect the chain using a chain breaker tool or quick link. Ensure the chain is properly tensioned and lubricated.
  9. Spin the pedals and shift through the gears to ensure everything is working smoothly. Make any necessary adjustments.

Additional tips: Keep your workspace clean and organized. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific torque settings. Regularly check and maintain your 36T crankset for optimal performance.

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