Bike Crank Puller
Tool AS-118 for
Removing Pedal Crank


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Transform your bike with ease using the Adsports AS-118 Bike Crank Puller Tool, perfect for upgrading to an electric bike setup. Made from robust #45 Carbon Steel, it’s designed for longevity and reliability. Weighing only 130 grams, this tool is both lightweight and portable.

Key Benefits:

  1. Easily convert your bicycle to an electric bike.
  2. Remove cranksets effortlessly with professional-grade reliability.
  3. Benefit from the durable #45 Carbon Steel construction.
  4. Enjoy lightweight design for easy handling and portability.
  5. Utilize the included bottom bracket cover wrench for versatility.

bottom bracket cover wrench tool

Bike Crank Tool Specifications:

  • Model Number: Adsports AS-118
  • Main Material: #45 Carbon Steel
  • Net Weight: 130 grams

How to Use a Crank Tool:

A crank tool is essential for removing the crank and pedal set from a bicycle. Firstly, remove any caps or bolts. Then, insert the crank puller tool into the crank arm’s threads. Subsequently, turn the handle clockwise to pull the crank arm away. Ensure steady turning to avoid damage.

The Adsports AS-118 Bike Crank Puller Tool is indispensable for cyclists looking to upgrade or maintain their bikes. Its design emphasizes ease of use, durability, and versatility, making bike transformations simpler and more efficient.

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