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This quality bike chain link remover tool makes break and connecting bike chains a breeze. It includes a chain connecting hook for joining the chain temporally while your use the bicycle chain link remover tool to reconnect the chain.

Use this chain breaking tool for bikes which have quick link chains. For bicycles without quick link chains you can use our bicycle chain breaker tool CPR001.

Chain connecting hook included

How to Break Bike Chain with Pliers

If you want to know how to break bike chain with pliers you can click on the below video. This video shows you how to break and assemble chains quickly and easily using our chain link remover pliers.

How to Break Bike chain with pliers video preview image

Bike Chain Assembly

1-Determine the length of the chain and remove the outer side of the chain at both ends as shown below.

How to break bike chain

2-Put the quick link (2 pieces) into the ends of the chain from the inside and the outside.

Join chain links

3- Put the quick link into the chain at the other end. To make the job easier use the supplied chain connecting hook to hold the chain together.

Assembling bike chain

4-Hold the tool handle with one hand and apply force to the inside to secure the chain together.

how to break bike chain with pliers

For breaking the bike chain position the quick link chain removal pliers as shown above. Hold the quick link pliers in both hands and apply force to the outside. The chain will break appart.

Bike Chain Link Remover Tool Specifications

  • Model number: QLR1
  • Brand: Risk.
  • Material: Plastic, steel.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Weight 52 grams.
  • Function: Removal and assembly of bike chains.
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