Bike Cable End Caps
for Brake Wire
and Gear Wire


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These bike cable end caps are suitable for use on bicycle gear and brake cables. They are made from Aluminum Alloy and are 12 mm long with a center hole diameter of 2 mm. Available in 10 and 50 packs.

Frayed gear cable

If your bike’s brake or gear cable is missing it should be replaced immediately. A frayed cable will split and eventually result in poor gear shifting or braking. It will also make adjustment in cable tension difficult as it will be hard for the cable to be gripped in place.

Capping the end of you bicycles cables will prevent the cable from fraying. Furthermore it will prevent your leg from been stabbed by the sharp pointed ends of the frayed cable.

Gear cable with wire end cap

If the cable has already started to fray it is a good idea to first cut off the frayed section before add the end cap. We have a cable cutting tool available which not only cuts the cable it also crimps the end cap.

Bike Cable End Caps Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy.
  • Length: 12 mm.
  • Hole diameter: 2 mm.
  • Quantity in pack: 10 or 50 ends.
  • Application: End caps for bike brake and gear cables.
  • Part number: BCE50 (50 Pack), BCE10 (10 Pack)
Pack Size

10 Pack, 50 Pack

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