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This bike cable cutting tool can be used as a brake cable cutter, and gear cable cutter. It can also be used as bicycle cable crimps. They are made from high carbon steel and have multiple crimp points on the head of the cutting tool.

bike cable crimp tool

If the end of one of your bike cables is missing the end cap and is starting to split, then it should be cut and capped as soon as possible. Otherwise adjustments to gears or brakes may not be able to be done easily. This can result in poor gear shifts and unresponsive braking.

bike cable end crimps

This tool is not just a cutter it can also be used to crimp the bicycles wire end caps. Capping the end of the brake and gear cables will prevent fraying and splitting of bicycle cables.

Bicycle cable crimps

This multi function cable cutting tool can also be used to cut the outer plastic sleeve of your cables as well as the brake and gear cables.

brake cable cutter

Bike Cable Cutting Tool Specifications

  • Brand: Adsports.
  • Tool model number: BCC0787.
  • Weight: 185 grams.
  • Handle: Red colour plastic.
  • Material: High carbon steel.
  • Uses: Cutting brake cables, cutting gear cables and crimping cable end caps.
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