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Comprehensive bike bottom bracket tool which incudes a BB removal tool and 4 other tools for working on your bicycles bottom bracket and cassette freewheel. Most of the items contained in this bike tool set are required to convert a bicycle to an eBike.

This bike tool set represents excellent value with 4 commonly used bottom bracket and freewheel tools included.

What’s Included in the BB Removal Tool Kit

Bottom bracket wrench for removing the bottom bracket. This BB tool is frequently used to convert a standard bike into an electric bike. The bottom bracket is effectively replace with a motor drive kit.

Bottom bracket wrench for removing the bottom bracket.

20 teeth cassette freewheel tool made from high strength steel for removing your bike’s cassette cartridge. Requires a 24mm spanner or an adjustable spanner to tighten and untighten.

20 teeth cassette freewheel tool

12 teeth freewheel tool for removing and changing your bicycles gear cogs. Like the 20 teeth cassette freewheel tool requires a 24mm spanner 0r an adjustable spanner or similar to turn the freewheel tool.

12 teeth freewheel tool

Crank puller tool and bottom bracket cover wrench for removing your bikes pedal crank. Before removing your bicycles bottom bracket cartridge you will need to remove you bikes pedal crank. This crank puller tool will enable you to do this effortlessly.

Requires a 16mm spanner or an adjustable spanner.

bottom bracket cover wrench tool

Bike Bottom Bracket Tool BBW20 Specifications

  • Model number: Adsports BBW20.
  • Main material: Steel.
  • Net weight of set: 460 grams.
  • Tools included in set: Crank puller, 12 teeth freewheel tool, 20 teeth cassette freewheel tool and a bottom bracket wrench.

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