Bicycle Bike Universal
Fit Bell Silver and Black
Adsports BB-S2007


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Embark on safer, more enjoyable biking adventures with our universal fit Bicycle Bell. This indispensable accessory is a must-have for every cyclist, offering both safety and style.

Effortlessly fitting all bikes, it accommodates handlebar diameters from 22mm to 30mm. Consequently, there’s no need to measure your bike’s handlebar diameter; simply place your order.

Distinctively, our bells emit a high-pitched, sustained sound, setting them apart from the dull dings of cheaper alternatives. Furthermore, we also offer these alternatives on Trademe for your consideration. To clearly discern the difference, please refer to the included video.

Bicycle Bell Key Features

  • Universal fitment with elastic rubber mounting rings
  • Subtle black and silver colour to blend with most bike handlebars
  • 360° rotation for quick and easy positioning
  • Simple, tool-free attachment to your bicycle
  • Loud and clear sound to alert others effectively


  • Model: Adsports BB-S2007
  • Colour: Black and Silver
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Sound: High-pitched and sustained
  • Fitment: Universal, suitable for 22mm to 30mm handlebar diameters

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